Jeremy Rorich

Sales Agent

About me

Coming from an illustrious and in-depth advertising career, Jeremy have spent 11 years building businesses through Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Digital Advertising, Social Media Advertising & Marketing. From working with tradesmen in building driveways to helping counselors grow their practice, Jeremy has assisted clients in realizing their dreams and simplifying the complex.

With a career steeped in the psychology of selling and the philosophy of buyer mentality, he have worked, lived, loved, and breathed marketing and sales, finding joy in the nuance of conversation.

"Joining the Dunne Real Estate team has been a natural progression for me. My background in advertising, coupled with my own experience in prospecting and business development, positions me perfectly to thrive in this dynamic industry. I am excited to leverage my skills to assist vendors and buyers alike in realizing their Real Estate Dreams!"