Planning to Sell Your Home but NO Funds For A Marketing Campaign?

It needs great advertising and marketing to get noticed by buyers, build interest, increase competition and get the best sale result but, it can be a lot of upfront money to pay.

We can pair you up with our financing partner that will offer you the option to Pay Later or Pay On Success so we can focus on maximising the marketing campaign for your home.

Financing Options for you...

  • Finance Your Real Estate Marketing Cost - Real estate marketing involves various expenses such as advertising, photography and promotional activities.  They offer funds to cover these marketing costs.
  • Finance the Repair of Your Home Before Selling - Sellers often invest in home repairs or improvements to enhance the property's appeal and potentially increase its value.  They offer to cover the costs associated with repairing or upgrading the home before putting it up for sale.

To know more or to discuss the best option for you, Call Sandie Dunne 0414 243 352.